As a Sushi lover, I know most of the ingredients of the Sushi by looking at their name. However, that is a bit problem for someone who is not familiar with this kind of food, especially for Sushi roll, everything is rolled inside a sheet of seaweed.

Probably due to this reason, Nami Nori, located in NYC’s West Village, the only 3-Michelin-star sushi restaurant in the country, blow us away with their take on temaki served up “taco style” on perfectly cut wood blocks in a laid back Cali-Scandi-Japanese décor.

Temaki is normally severed in a cone shape or like in a cylinder, but Nami Nori serve an open-style of temaki, which allows you to see the ingredients inside so that you can can eat with your eyes before you taste it, and it’s very easy to eat. The pictures are their temaki are so attractive and I really wish the COVID finishes soon and I have a chance to try that in person.

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