Clothespins or clothes pegs are fasteners used to hang up clothes for drying, usually on a clothes line. However, it is used to be everyday objects but become less used with the popularity of dryer.

While Okamoto (Twitter, Instagram), the talented photographer, gave clothespin a new life. Okamoto put these clothespins together and build flower out of it. Whether they be transparent or colored, Okamoto photographs them in scenes and as sculptures that shows just how pretty they can be.

It might sounds a bit weird if you haven’t checked the photos. How can clothespin become flower? Okamoto’s most recent sculptures had many online doing a double-take and captivated wondering what they were looking at. The floral structure of clothes pins has become a big hit online, with many admiring fantasy crystal-like nature of the structure and looking clothespins in a different light–literally!

Below are some of Okamoto’s Clothespins Photography and you can find more on Okamoto’s Twitter and Instagram page.

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