Using hand-dyed velvet, wool, felt, and sequins, the Los Angeles-based artist Julia Shore replicate the forest floor’s supple textures in fiber and beads. Dappled with French knots, glinting materials, and pieces of moss, Shore’s botanical embroideries capture all the different shades and forms of moss; its soft and calming nature.

As Shore mentioned “Each embroidery art piece is individually designed and carefully created by my own hands. I try to practice my art in a mindful and ethical way, use and reuse as much natural materials as possible.”

If you like these beautiful botanical embroideries, you can buy it from Shore’s Etsy shop. However, since these are all handmade, there are limited quantity. You need to check the shop regularly since they might out of stock quickly.

She shares embroidery tutorials on YouTube and has kits and downloadable patterns available for purchase on her website. You can also follow more updates on Instagram.

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