“Pleasure Portraits” is an interesting series by London-based artist and creative director Max Siedentopf. As the days are slowly getting longer and warmer again, Siedentopf celebrates the start of Spring with this series. Looking forward to summer, it features the distinctive pastels and jewel tones of ice cream bars alongside subjects whose decadent makeup mimics the hues and embellishments of their paired confection.

“Just like everyone’s personality is unique, so is our favorite ice-cream flavor”.

Pleasure Portraits depicts a series of characters matching all kinds of different ice-creams. Each one is unique to the colours, taste, and design of the ice-cream. In this playful study of duality, there is a twist of irony: despite the association of frozen treats and the sunny colors of summertime with pleasure, Siedentopf’s subjects sit inert and gaze expressionlessly at the viewer in a similar format to passport photos.

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