Enter the enchanting world of ToTaste.studio‘s innovative mezzanine room design, nestled within a historic building in the heart of St. Petersburg. This cozy studio apartment, spanning 27 square meters, has been transformed into a captivating space that perfectly balances style and functionality, tailored to the vibrant personality of its young occupant.

Within this compact area, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to optimize space and create a dynamic environment. To maximize functionality, the designers incorporated a second level, creating a separate bedroom area above the washroom. Ascending the stairs with sleek glass panel railings, you’ll discover a secluded sleeping sanctuary, elevated from the main living space. The clever utilization of vertical space continues with floating shelves, providing storage solutions while maintaining an open and airy atmosphere.

The color palette of the room revolves around a harmonious blend of white and natural wood tones. The furniture, adorned in these hues, exudes a sense of elegance and simplicity. Natural light floods the room, enhancing the serene ambiance and accentuating the clean lines of the furniture pieces. While there are no mirrors in the space, the strategic use of white and the incorporation of glass elements create a sense of brightness and openness, adding to the room’s inviting charm.

In addition to its functionality, this mezzanine design embodies a stylish aesthetic. The careful placement of floating shelves throughout the room offers both storage and an opportunity for curated displays of personal belongings and cherished decor items. These shelves create a visual focal point while maintaining a sense of minimalism.

ToTaste.studio’s creation showcases the art of maximizing space, employing a color palette of white and natural wood tones to create a tranquil haven within the bustling city. Discover a room that seamlessly integrates practicality and aesthetics, inspiring a sense of innovation and elegance in compact living.

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