Fine art photographer Alex ten Napel is known for his beautiful portraits for humans, flowers and animals. With his Chickens, Hens and Roosters series, Alex proves that human farm animals can also make excellent models.

These feathered friends are taken photo against solid colored backgrounds, showing the elegance and beauty of these animals in rich detail.

The project started in 2014 when Alex had vacation in France and came across a sociable, funny, touching, and curious chicken. At the same period, he was looking for a new subject to photograph. Then it came out naturally, hens and roosters became Alex’s new subject.

Alex threw himself into the project with gusto, learning as much as he could about his new subjects. When he felt ready, he created a mobile photo studio in the barn of a breeder he’d made contact with and went to work. Although working with live anmials was somehting new for the photographer, and the creative spark it ignited was palpable. He was thrilled that these animals, unlike humans, aren’t trying to hide anything in front of the camera. They are simply being themselves at all times, for better or for worse.

Below are some of amazing work from Alex’s work. You can find more on his website or Instagram page.

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