How to maximize the living space on limited square footage is a common problem these days. Based on the room model and owner’s requirement, each designer gives different approach to cleverly solve the issue. We have been featured various of small apartment designs for your inspiration. And today, we will add another one to the collection.

The tiny room is right under 40 square meters (430 square feet). Its light wood and neutral palette has certainly been inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. A small dining table fits nicely into the main living area, which also includes bench seating (with storage, of course). Above the bench, there is a row of wall shelves for extra storage.

The floor to ceiling wardrobe has two full mirror doors, which makes the room feel bring and spacious.

The coziest element is the sleeping nook, which has a soft curtain to pull closed and shut out the day. And the soft panel wall is another cool feature of this interior. There is more storing space underneath the bed with sliding door. Seriously, there are just storages everywhere of this tiny space!

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