Most of our home filled with premade furniture with a few color and style options. There are nothing wrong with it, but if you ever wonder how a home with bespoke furniture and unusual décor elements will look like, you can take a look at below pictures.

Visualized by Zework Room, this elegant modern home interior has been designed to convey light-filled luxury with a distinct emphasis on all that is custom-made on commission. Unlike our normal furniture with rigid line, curved shape theme runs throughout the whole place. Curved sofa, curved chair, curved table and even the wardrobes are rounded. Besides the curving line, many of those bespoke furniture are floating, making the room looks more airy.

Living room and Entrance

A curved sofa design sweeps around the perimeter of the lounge area in the light-filled, open plan living room. An indoor plant nestles into its edge, providing a light visual shield between the restful tranquility of the couch and the busy kitchen area that stands adjacent to it. A set of round nesting coffee tables take up the center spot in the lounge space, where they make a contrasting interaction. Unique pendant lights fall upon the lounge setup, hanging dramatically low over the coffee table set.

A run of custom-designed bookcases are mounted upon the living room wall, keeping the floor clear and spacious. Their curved columns complement the equally curvaceous lounge furniture selection.

Slatted screens draw a divide between the open plan living room design and the foyer of the home.

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen isn’t so large. Two bar stools are placed along one short side of the island and the eye-catching gold dining table draws out a reuleaux-triangle silhouette at the opposite end of the kitchen island. Gold kitchen cabinets luster at the window side of the room, whilst wood grain cabinets create natural balance at the other end of the installation.


The home has three bedrooms. Inside the first bedroom of the home, a dark grey accent scheme brings weight to a pale creamy colour palette. A floor lamp is amalgamated with a bedside table to produce one space-saving piece with a chic, curvaceous frame.

The custom-fitted wardrobes are rounded at their edges, where they pull in toward a vertical garden feature wall opposite the end of the bed.

In the second bedroom, a glorious display of floral bedroom wall décor blooms above the headboard. The bedside floor lamp brings a splash of gold to the peaceful colour scheme. The metallic gold accent is extended to the wardrobe trims, causing a silky sheen. A full length mirror creates the illusion of an arched doorway at the foot of the bed.

Master bedroom

The master suite features a dominating headboard design that embraces the sleep space and supports two modern wall sconces. Fluted bedside tables provide moments of fashionable texture at each side of the upholstered bed. In lieu of a traditional bedroom fireplace, a unit of decorative candles provides the atmospheric flicker of flame. The TV unit is amalgamated with a floating desk to create one sleek piece.

The walk-in wardrobe is fitted with tasteful glass closets, which keep designer garments and accessories free from dust.

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