Project: Linea Apartment
Interior Design: Muza Creative
Location: Suharekë, Kosovo
Area: 174m2

According to the interior designer, the project is inspired by “Art Is A Line Around Your Thoughts” – Gustav Klimt. ” and it has a stunning minimalist design followed by the lines that are used almost in every corner. Hence, it is named as “Linea Apartment” , in order to give even more artistic flavor to this environment.

The contrast between black and light pink is all that characterizes this home. The long corridor doors are the best example of this. The wood used in many cases is the perfect balance between these elements. Every element used in the living room, kitchen, corridor, bathroom or bedroom is specifically designed and executed for this house. You can easily tell there are many custom made furniture there. The beautiful fireplace located in the middle of the sitting room, is a perfect separation between the living room and the dining room, but still not losing the open communication between the two.

I really like its color tone since it makes the whole place quite warm and comfortable. Very homey!

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