To reconnect to the nature, artist Jill Bliss moved to a small island in the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest after a busy career as a designer in New York and San Francisco. During her wondering around the Salish Sea, she will pick some beautifully vibrant wild fungi on her way. Then arrange them cap side down in compositions and photographs them for a project she calls Mushroom Medleys.

To create each shot, Bliss arranges various found fungi, flora, and other botanical elements into beautifully balanced polychromatic clusters. Each Mushroom Medley presents a one-of-a-kind color scheme. Layers of thick, fleshy gills in lavender, taupe, and bright orange add texture and depth to each work, with ferns, flat stones, and other organic matter framing the temporary constructions. Each Mushroom Medley presents Bliss’ unique way of seeing the world and offers a colorful glimpse into her artistic practice.

If you like these mushroom collage, you can follow Bliss on Instagram or buy prints from her site.

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