LEGO as one of the most creative toys ever invented, it can make so many cools things. You might have seen many sculptures made out of LEGO. But I am pretty you that you will be blown off by what Kurashiki -based builder Mitsuru Nikaido can do.

Nikaido reimagines marine life, insects, and land animals as mechanical, robot-like characters and built them entirely with LEGO. Using his signature palette of gray and white bricks and unique parts, Nikaido creates spring-loaded limbs for walruses, a gecko tail capable of swinging toward its body, and spiders that appear like they could scurry away on hinged legs.

Below are some of Nikaido’s creations. And Nikaido has submitted some of these to LEGO ideas. If you like them and want to see them come to life and be able to purchase them, you can go to the page and support the project you like. Of course, you can check Nikaido’s Instagram page to find more of his awesome LEGO works.

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