Snow is fun, snow is cold. How we can play snow without getting our hands wet and cold? Snowball maker is the answer. Those makers are great for people and families of all ages for snowball fights or a fun day in the snow.

Although most snowball makers come in ball shape, there are still quite various like you can make one ball, two balls or even five balls a time. It makes the snowball fights so much fun. Besides the commonest ball shape, there are some unconventional shape like heart, duck snowman, penguin. And some of the snow maker can also be used for sand-play.

So, are you ready for some snow fun?

1. Single Snowball Maker (4 Pack) [buy on amazon]

Package included: 4 Snowball Maker and 1 Red Drawstring Bag.
Makes perfectly round snowball in roughly one second. Easy to use for kids, just Scoop! Shape! & Throw! The process like making ice cream balls, easy and fun.
Durable flexible handle, allow you to make more round snowballs quickly every time and keep your hands clean and warm. Just enjoy playing snowball battles game.

2. Two Snowball Makers [buy on amazon]

Build 2 perfect snowballs in seconds with this simple, effective design. Use thickening PP, The snowball maker is freeze resistant, wear-resisting, no peculiar smell, no burr, do not hurt hand.

3. Five Snowball Maker [buy on amazon]

Quick maker, makes 5 perfect snow balls in a few minutes.
With comfortable grip, it is easy to grab the handle without fatigue.
Manufactured with premium plastic material with anti-slid and antifreeze effect.

4. Double Love Heart Snowball Maker [buy on amazon]

Durable flexible handle, allow you to make more love heart snowballs quickly every time and keep you hands clean and warm.Just enjoy playing snowball battles game. Simply scoop up the snow, press down the handle to compact the collected snow, and you are ready for a snowball showdown.

5. Duck Snowball Maker (4 Pack) [buy on amazon]

The Duck Snowball Maker is Designed with a very cute cartoon duck shape. It is a artifact for children return to nature and his own childhood. Wear-resisting, no peculiar smell, no burr, do not hurt hand.

6. 4PCS Cartoon Snowball Maker [buy on amazon]

4 cute cartoon shapes of snowman, love, duck and snowball. It made of high-quality plastic which is safe for children. long handle is comfortable to grab when making. The handle also helps to keep your hands from getting cold and wet while forming your arsenal of snowballs.

7. 12 Pcs Snowball Maker Toys [buy on amazon]

In total 12 PCS snowball maker tool, more than others. Not only can you make snowballs of different sizes. We are also equipped with snow-brick making mold, shovels, triangle snow spade, 4 different castle molds increase the fun of playing in the snow.

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