There is an alarming trend amongst today’s kids to lead a sedentary life, often eventually resulting in obesity at a tender age. Such trends are in no small part since technology, and technological gadgets have made us drift apart as a community while making the world smaller. Kids as young as three or four often start their learning journey through an iPad rather than story and textbooks.

Such habits have only contributed to a growing addiction to technological gadgets and innovations. These are not entirely desirable. When they set in at an early period of life, it is terrible news for the child’s future life. Not only the addiction to the digital way of life, but another notorious development arising from the dominance of technology in today’s life is also the harm done to physical and mental health from the same.

Sports and the associated discipline and sportsmanship are essential life skills that everybody needs in the later stages of their lives. And it is something that is best picked up early. Play is a natural part of growing up, just like they need friends and families. But children are becoming increasingly reluctant to come out of their shells and enjoy the healthy life ensured by sports and being a part of the larger community. If, as a parent or guardian, you are encountering difficulties in the same, the following six tricks to motivate them will help:

1.   Create Customized Mini-Games As A Part Of A Larger Sport

It would help a kid’s love of a sport greatly if you encouraged him to do more of the game’s parts that he especially enjoys. For instance, your little child likes to throw up basketballs high towards a portable basketball hoop you have set up and then catch. Instead of trying to make him master sinking jump shots from a foul, encourage him to pursue what he enjoys doing. While training young helps a lot in sports, the most important thing is to have your child enjoy being fit and healthy. Try being creative and come up with mini-games that provide maximum opportunity to do the parts of the game your child likes most. Like in the example we cited, you may come up with a mini-game that counts the duration the ball has been in the air before you finally catch it. This tip should prove to be useful.

2.   Play With Your Child Together

One of the very fundamental learning processes that kids follow is imitation. Suppose you are a particularly techy parent who loves fiddling with all kinds of gadgets. In that case, the chances of your kid picking up the habit are greater. You will do your child’s physical and mental health and their overall well-being a world of good by taking your child to nearby places where they can play sports. However, don’t limit your role to just taking them there. Still, you need to actually engage in the sporting activity with your child. There is precisely no shortage of sporting activities that you can do with your child. When you participate in such games with them, it will encourage your kid and help build up the habit of playing sports. Parents who are wary of sports might instead try out other healthy activities like treadmills. The key, however, remains the same, set an example, and join your little one.

3.   Buy Sports Products

Considering the predominance of technology, it is only natural for kids to want the latest gadgets from their parents. You will be a wise parent to grant them their wish to receive presents but only substitute tech devices with sports goods and accessories. It will help in encouraging your kid to enjoy sports more.

4.   Watch Sports Together

Another great idea to encourage your kid to become more involved in sporting activities is to watch sports games together. If you can, consider taking your kid to a game so that they can experience the thrill and exhilaration of watching sports live at a stadium.

5.   Give Them Biographical Knowledge About Great Sporting Figures

Most kids love a good story, especially if it involves a hero they can admire and idolize. Utilize the psychological characteristic to your advantage and tell your kids about outstanding sports persons in a story format of biographical narratives. Make them aware of how much they achieved and glorious their sporting and perhaps life journey. Such a practice won’t just endear the game to your child but make him a better human being by learning the value of sportsmanship.

6.   It Helps To Start Early

Sometimes giving professional guidance to your kid about a sporting activity, they are particularly fond of help. It will work to impart better skills and will enhance their confidence levels. Perhaps the best thing about such professional sports tutoring is the excellent advice they will get, which will help them throughout their lives.

Playing sports exposes your child to kids from diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, and schools. It gives them great exposure to other kids and increases their social skills besides encouraging cultural diversity. And obviously, your kid gets to enjoy a healthier life both physically and mentally. Hope this article will help you succeed in ensuring that your child takes a love for sports and the sporting spirit!

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