Diving into Greg Olijnyk‘s world of cardboard sculptures feels like stepping into an imaginative dreamscape. Nestled in his Melbourne studio, Olijnyk conjures captivating sculptures, breathing life into the ordinary medium of cardboard. His latest masterpieces include a trio of mechanical insects, meticulously crafted with LED lights, toothpicks, and an abundance of dedication fueled by countless hours and copious cups of coffee.

Olijnyk’s artistic journey expands beyond the tangible realm, delving into a whimsical “Dream Factory.” Here, he manufactures fantastical imaginings, transcending the conventional constraints of cardboard. From ants with serrated mandibles to a coiled caterpillar, each creation embodies Olijnyk’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for bringing minuscule features to life.

What makes Olijnyk’s work truly extraordinary is his commitment to craftsmanship. Eschewing digital 3D software and automated cutting devices, he relies on a simple scalpel blade to shape his sculptures. Joints are crafted to move, adding a dynamic dimension to his pieces, while tiny lights and intricate wiring enhance their enchanting allure.

The beauty of Olijnyk’s art lies in its organic evolution. Sculptures emerge without predefined plans, each element informing the next in a symphony of creativity. Whether it’s a brick, a girder, a rivet, or a delicate bird, Olijnyk meticulously fashions believable structures with unparalleled attention to detail.

For more of Olijnyk’s sci-fi universe of robots and uncanny architecture, visit his site and Instagram.

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