Nguyễn Phát Trí is a well-known hairdresser from Vietnam, who recently went viral on social media doing his amazing flower-shaped hairstyles.

According to Tri, the time it takes him to create each hairstyle will also be different depending on the difficulty level of that job. Sometimes it only takes 3-5 days, but sometimes it takes 2-3 months for a new hair sample to be completed. As a perfectionist to create a new hairstyle, Tri spends a lot of time on thinking about new idea and doing meticulous research.

The journey to complete a hair model from the initial idea to the actual product is not a simple one. Tri needs to sketch the design, calculate the layout, shapes and then find materials, accessories. Nguyen Phat Tri introduced his floral hair designs to the world in the summer of 2020, and he has since delivered various new models, including designs inspired by lotus, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, lily, and more. No wonder most of his clients are brides, who pay up to $300 to receive a flower-inspired updo for their big day.

I will say these hairstyles looks amaizing. But is that kind of thing can clip or put on the head. Otherwise, I am not quite sure how can wait that long to do their hair.

And besides the pretty flower ones, Trí also created a special earth globe style… I will say that is a quite unique choice of bridal hairstyle.

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