Unlike the adorable food-looking clay creation we featured several days ago, this steampunk pigeon cookie is actually editable. However, it probably can be hard to decide whether you want to eat the awesome creations of husband and wife icing cookie artist duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG) or display them in your house as art.

This is a sci-fi artistic rendition of one of Japan’s favorite cookies–Hato Sable (Pigeon Sable), which are pigeon-shaped sable cookies. Using their expert sugar and icing decorating skills, WHIP SUGAR turned the sable into amazingly detailed steampunk bird cookies!

The level of detail is deliciously impressive. WHIP SUGAR even uses bamboo charcoal to carefully fill in the meters and gears on the bird’s rear.

If you wonder how WHIP SUGAR create this amazing look steampunk pigeon cookie, you can check the mouthwatering making-of video. Moreover, if you want to keep up with more mind-blowing and tasty treats, you can follow WHIP SUGAR on Twitter.

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