Handmade dolls aren’t special in these days. But it takes some talent and a lot of real work to stand out among so many of them. Ukraine based artist Lidiya Marinchuk manages to do with her talent though.

Making small dolls mostly inspired by small animals, Marinchuk has almost 60k Instagram followers at the moment. The quirky troupe of characters crafted sport a wide range of emotions from surprised three-eyed monsters and gloomy rain clouds to sly foxes in polka-dotted socks. Sometimes Marinchuk leave them as soft, plush creatures and sometimes, she pains their bodies to create sculptural forms. No matter what’s the form, Marinchuk instills each with a dose of whimsy and play.

As Marinchuk said: “Hello to all! My name is Lidiya. I live and create my MarLi toys in Ukraine since 2012. I want to make the world more colorful, to give people [a] good mood and a bit of magic. My creations are for people from 0 to 100 years.”

You can find more of the wildly emotional cast on Instagram, and shop available pieces on Etsy.

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