Deadly Beauty – Poisonous Mushroom

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  1. MushroomLady says:

    These mushrooms are very toxic. They contain gyromitrin which the body converts to monomethylhydrazine (related to rocket fuel). The toxin is water soluble and has a boiling point lower than water. Don’t inhale fumes! The toxin is never completely eliminated, regardless of preparation. There is a very narrow range between a dose that causes symptoms and one that has the potential to kill. The toxin is cumulative over a period of a season, so one may get away with eating it once or twice, but one large serving can do it. Every meal increases the level of MMH in the body. We call this “the Russian Roulette mushroom”. So far no deaths in the U.S., but many in other countries where they are widely eaten. There are a number of symptomatic cases in the U.S. every year.

  2. StrapOnFetus says:

    Always take you’r spore prints. And identify location and character references,

  3. tei werth says:

    I have white mushrooms in my garden in plettenberg Bay South africa and would like to know if we can eat them or not – how could I get a picture through to you?

    • Vivian says:

      Sorry, we don’t know how to distinguish whether the mushroom is edible or not. The pictures here are found on wiki. We just try to show how beautiful deadly mushroom is.

  1. March 31, 2012

    […] Deadly Beauty – Poisonous Mushroom – DesignSwan.comJun 8, 2009 … In today’s post, I will list 10 beautiful but toxic mushroom…Some of them looks really delicious but don’t even think of eating them… 1. BRAIN … […]

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