You’re having a party, a holiday celebration, or you’re just ready for a change. You can’t commit a lot of time to this project though. That’s why your project has to be short and sweet. Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank or your schedule. In general, you can transform your dinning room within below three quickly with below three steps: give a new paint, find some new furniture and dress it up with some plants.

Done in a Day: Fast and Furious Update Ideas for Your Dining Area


Painting is a simple process and it’s also not that expensive to do. A makeover can be done on your dining room in about a day or so, if you have a few people helping you out. Even if you don’t, it shouldn’t take that long if it’s a small dining room.

Done in a Day: Fast and Furious Update Ideas for Your Dining Area

Make a dramatic statement by switching to a radically different colour. So, for example, if your dining room is white right now, try going with a burnt orange or a deep red. It’s a drastic change for sure, but it’s also something that will spice up the house.

The key to doing a good paint job is actually in the tools and technique. You can buy mediocre paint and still have a good job done. Likewise, the best paint in the world won’t look all that great without the proper application.

Get yourself a large brush, a lint-free roller, and a nice pan. When painting the trim, hold the paint brush like you would a pencil and use the outside edge to “kiss” the trim with paint. This creates the paint edge that you’ll later roll up to. When you roll, start at the bottom – roughly one to two roller lengths away from the edge. Then, roll straight up and come back down again. Roll into the edge. As you move across the wall, continually roll into the area you previously painted.

This will result in an even coating that looks professional.

New Furniture

New furniture can also spruce up a dining room, and all it will cost you is a bit of money. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than painting, but there’s not nearly as much work involved. Plus, you can always take the furniture back if you find out you don’t like it in the house.

Some pieces, however, almost always add an element of sophistication. For example, some Swivel UK dining chairs will usually turn a plain-jane dining room into something you’d actually want to show off to guests.

Done in a Day: Fast and Furious Update Ideas for Your Dining Area


Everyone likes plants, right? Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you like the look of them. Peace Lilies are functional little things – what with their ability to clean the air and all. They also smell nice. Some roses as a centrepiece would also look nice in most homes.

Done in a Day: Fast and Furious Update Ideas for Your Dining Area

If you want to go crazy, you could hang a drop-down “garden” of sorts from the ceiling. Lots of plants and vines do well inside and don’t need much sunlight. Of course, you’ll have to keep your eye on them as far as water goes, but that’s true of almost any houseplant. Again, it tends to be pricey if you’re going to outfit the room with lots of plants, but it’s also reversible if you find you don’t like it.

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