Unveiling a captivating fusion of skateboarding and ceramics, artist and avid skater Brock DeBoer navigated his creative journey as a teenager, embarking on a transformative exploration of a newfound medium. A journey that started as a challenge has now blossomed into a defining art form. DeBoer’s affinity for ceramics emerged during a stint in summer school, and from that moment, he propelled himself into a world of clay and creativity that would forever alter his artistic trajectory.

Nurturing his craft, DeBoer delved into ceramics classes during community college while still in high school. As he continued to hone his skills at the Kansas City Art Institute, he encountered porcelain, igniting a passion that continues to burn brightly. His creations stand as a testament to the intricate dance between fragility and function, depicting objects we commonly associate with durability, such as sneakers, radios, and basketballs.

The inherent fragility of porcelain intertwines with DeBoer’s masterful artistry, creating a playful tension that invites contemplation. Through his sculptural pieces, DeBoer introduces a captivating dialogue between the transient nature of everyday objects and his ability to bestow upon them a new lease on life. He remarks, “The subjects, such as the sneakers, have a shelf life before the soles crumble and bubbles pop, and having the ability to preserve them and give them a new life is interesting to me.”

DeBoer’s sculptures are not only intricate in form but also rich in historical resonance. The decorative elements of each piece draw inspiration from pottery traditions like the timeless blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, a style that found its fervor in the 14th century and resonated across Europe, sparking subsequent styles like Royal Delft. By incorporating this historical layer into his works, DeBoer adds depth and significance to commonplace objects, underscoring their transformation into artistic relics.

Within this article, we unveil a captivating selection of six of DeBoer’s remarkable Porcelain Shoe Sculptures. From boots to sneakers to running shoes, these everyday symbols of comfort undergo a profound metamorphosis, transmuting into art that seamlessly blends fragility, creativity, and the endurance of human ingenuity.  See more on his website, and follow updates on Instagram.

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