Are you a coffee drinker? Or you know someone who is. There is a perfect and unique product for you. This beautiful cobra coffee spoon is made of 925 sterling silver, and has some unique features that make it stand a cut above all the run-of-the-mill stirring spoons out there. This stonewashed beauty takes the form of the mighty cobra, a venomous snake known for its expanding hood.

This unique mixing spoon was cast using the process of lost wax casting, ensuring precision and quality. The eyes of this realistic looking serpent are made from Zircon and have even been hand-set by the artisans. It’s a product that’s truly a work of art.

According to its designer Coppertist.Wu, “We feel confident that we have made a product in which the craftsmanship assures both a useful tool and a refined and collectible piece of art. It’s sure to grace any home with it’s beauty and elegance. Make it a part of your kitchen today and give your morning coffee time that extra spark it deserves!”

I totally agree that coffee spoon is sick. While its over 100 USD tag might make you more likely treat it as a collectible instead of using it for your morning coffee. But if you do, then you might be fully waken up by the snake as well as the morning coffee.

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