The oldest known reproduction of hair braid may go back about 30,000 years. Braiding is traditionally a social art and it carries on a tradition of bonding between elders and the new generation.

While in these days, styling our hair is a way to express ourselves. And hair braid, as one of the most complex way to style hair, is definitely the perfect way to show off. Macedonian artist Trendafilka Kirova is one of the best. She creates extraordinary hair braids that would be fit for a khaleesi à la Game of Thrones. Each look—featuring interwoven loops and plaits—almost looks like a basket or textile weave.

Before Kirova turn her hobby in the a job, she was a full time accountant and auditor. But she soon found herself obsessives about the braiding and decided to quit the job and began working full time as a freelance hairstylist.

Today, Kirova is an expert of creating extraordinary hair braids of all kinds, from woven fishtails to complex zigzag plaits. She shares each of her creative hairstyles on Instagram, where she now has over 230,000 adoring followers. And she also has a Youtube channel, where she gives tutorials on how anyone can recreate her braids at home. So if you are interested in braiding, you can check these two places.

Lastly, I still want to say, “Although these look very impressive, I still want my short hair. Forgive me.”

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