Are you tired of cleaning up every day, and the waste doesn’t seem to go away? Eliminating household waste is not a simple task. Even after toiling for hours, you will manage to find a dirty corner in your house.

The best way to keep your house immaculate is by reducing the waste instead of simply eliminating it. Now that you’re here, we will help you do that! Here are some priceless household waste reduction tips for a shiny and spotless home.


Reusing is the process of using an object again when its usual work is done. This process of reusing is central to the idea of 3Rs of reducing waste. The basic idea of reusing things lies in the prevention of solid waste going to landfills.

Reusing household items is the most common way to reduce household waste. There are many items in our home that have potential to reuse. Throwing them before using them in different roles can lead to unnecessary waste.

For instance, you can reuse items like grade 1 water bottles, razors, boxes, and containers for a long time. Throwing away these after just one use will increase your waste unnecessarily. And if you ultimately do find nothing to do with them, just use them for crafts.

Shopping is wasteful

Managing household waste is difficult if you are a shopping freak. If you keep buying, you’ll keep wasting. As you aim to reduce your household waste, cutting down on shopping could make a considerable contribution.

As you plan to buy new things to enhance your lifestyle, you should consider the similar items that you already possess. Are they in good shape? If yes, hold off on swiping your credit card just because you saw that gorgeous new version.

Apart from buying things at the right time, you must also look at second-hand alternatives. Opting for second-hand options not only reduces the waste but also reduces the load on your pocket.

Adopt composting

Vegetables and fruit peels make up a large amount of household waste. No house in this world is untouched by fruit and vegetable waste.

Fruits and vegetables are organic substances and hence, are easily decomposable. Everyone should practice composting in their house to reduce vegetable and fruit waste.

Composting is as simple as digging a small pit, filling it with soil, and dumping all your vegetables and fruits peel in it. After some time, you will get manure from this pit. Composting not only reduces household waste but also gives you manure.

Repair before scrapping

Are you thinking of scrapping your latest electric iron because it is not working? Think again. Every electrical appliance usually holds some possibility of repair if it goes bad for the first time.

Remember, a scrapped tool cannot come back, and you have to pay a hefty amount to get a new one for your home. Not only is repairing before scrapping financially viable, but it also reduces the waste produced by your house.

After some time, every tool falls apart and needs to be changed, but it is crucial to identify that point. Before the device finally breaks down, get it repaired.

Segregate waste

Segregating waste is differentiating it into separate categories, the most common being dry and wet. The dry waste consists of biodegradable waste, while the wet has non-biodegradable waste.

Keep two dustbins at home and throw different types of waste in the different colored ones. After segregating waste, you can easily recycle the dry waste and put the wet waste away. This also solves the problem of overflowing dustbins and choking drains.

Segregating waste is confusing at first, but you can easily get used to it with time and constant effort.


The above tips can reduce your household waste by a significant amount. In Essex, you may also go for a cheap skip hire Basildon to manage your waste properly. Tell us about your waste management techniques in the comments section below.

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