Nothing lasts forever, and ultimately everything gets old. Sometimes it can be one thing after another that needs our attention. It might be that the car is playing up, or a washing machine is on the blink. A fence may need to be painted or the air conditioning may be leaking. Some items will need regular maintenance, others will need fixing and yet more things may need replacing.

When there is a problem with the roof, it might have implications for more than just the outside of the house. It could be that rain is getting indoors and creating damp issues there, too. This article has been written to help you understand how to effectively address some of your roofing issues.

Consult An Approved Contractor

Some people are confident when they routinely check their roof. They may have easy access, or be happy using a ladder. For many people, however, this is not the case. As well as concerns for their own safety, people may also lack the necessary knowledge to identify or resolve their roofing issues.

Fortunately there are approved contractors who can help. The professionals at say many companies offer free no-obligation quotes. They might be for roof painting, repairs or restoration. People frequently need help regarding leaks, roof ventilation or gutters that need replacement.

If anyone seeks to claim the repairs using their home insurance, they should take photos revealing the issue. It’s important to not fix it yourself before the insurance company has approved everything, as your own efforts may invalidate the claim.

Overhanging Branches

They should always be cut back, as squirrels can use them as a route to accessing your roof. When trees or branches provide shade, they create the perfect environment for moss to grow on your roof tiles.

Should there be a storm, no one wants their tree to crash through the roof and harm both people and property.

Condensation In The Attic

There should always be a healthy air flow in a person’s attic, with somewhere for the moisture to escape to. If there are no air vents in place, the water will be retained and condensation will result. Ultimately it will make the wood damp, and create damp patches on your ceilings.

A more expensive solution than fitting air vents would be to use impermeable felt underneath the tiles, which is breathable.

Moss Infestation

Should this grow on your roof, it may not initially create issues for you. It’s only when the drains and gutters are adversely affected that action will need to be taken. Moss can cause blockages, and it has the capacity to absorb moisture.

There are a number of commercial products that can be used to kill moss. Such ingredients as potassium salts and fatty acids will prove successful.


If lead flashing is cracked it can cause leaks, and will need replacing. Self-adhesive flashing tape can block up the gaps if the issue is urgent, until it can be properly replaced. If water is coming in through skylight windows and vents, check the seals. They will frequently be the cause.

If water is coming into your attic through a hole, use a bucket to contain the drips until it can be repaired. It’s not too hard to replace roofing felt if it is only for a localised area. Beyond that, a professional roofer should be employed.

Issues With Tiles

If tiles become loose during a storm, they will need to be repaired. Not only will they be in the wrong place to function, but they could be blown off the roof and hurt someone. Anyone who repairs loose tiles or shingles will need cement.

If someone stands on the roof to check or repair things, they should also check the chimney if there is one. It needs to be structurally sound. It’s worth ensuring the flushing around the chimney doesn’t need replacing too.

Blocked Gutters

If they are full of moss, sticks and dirt, the water will back up and overflow. This can create issues with insects and rodents, and make the external walls become damp. Holes in gutters can often be resealed effectively, whilst malfunctioning downpipes would need replacing. Make sure the drain at ground level has been cleared of dirt and grass cuttings too.

Only diagnose roof issues if you know what you are doing. The same thing applies to repairs. Otherwise, use the expertise of professionals to help maintain your property. This will then safeguard not just the exterior, but also the interior of your home.

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