Designing a swimming pool for your garden can be a great deal of fun and a very exciting project to take on. Once you have dealt with the boring stuff like the lay of the land and the shape of the pool, however, you can start to focus on the fun features which you are going to add. There is only one stumbling block when seeking out features for the pool and that is the budget, which you have in place. If you are relatively flexible with that budget, however, you can make some great additions to the pool which will help you and the family to enjoy it that little bit more.

Safety Features

It is of course critical that the first features which you focus on are those which will keep everyone safe. Speak with your pool builder about the risks which your pool presents and then focus on additions, which will ensure safety. Drain covers, anti-slip tiles, and steps for the pool are critical components, which you should add before anything else.

In-Pool Beds

What better way of enjoying a hot summer’s day than laying back on a bed, which sits inside the pool itself? This is far easier to install than it may appear and all you will need is a raised area of the pool, on which to build a concrete bed, or simply to have space for a sun lounger. Laying here means that when you get too hot, you can simply step off the bed and right into the cool water.

Diving Board

Both adults and kids alike love to jump into the pool when it is time to go for a dip, so why not add a cool diving board from which to launch yourself? The height of the diving board will be determined by the deepest area of the pool, yet even a diving board, which is slightly elevated above the water will provide a spot for endless fun. Always ensure that you coat the board with the right kind of anti-slip material so as to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Integrated Jacuzzi

Something which many like to do is add an integrated jacuzzi above the pool, with water that flows directly into the main body of the pool. This doesn’t require too much additional plumbing as the water heater can pump directly into the jacuzzi, which will then find its way to the pool. This setup ensures that the jacuzzi is the hottest place in the pool, yet that warm water will still keep the pool at a nice temperature. Structurally of course this will take some extra effort and planning, but it will all be worthwhile as you sink into that hot tub as the sun begins to set.

There is so much fun that you can have with the pool’s features, and these are some of the most popular ideas which people like to use in their backyard swimming pool. Which will be the first feature that you add?

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