Edge support is a relatively unknown but important part of a mattress. Edge support is the outer portion of a mattress that is located at the edge or edges of your bed. The border can be used for many different purposes, such as sitting on during the day or laying on to read before bedtime.

It can also provide strength and stability and protect you from falling out of bed if you happen to roll over during the night. Read more about how it works and why it’s so important below!

What Is Edge Support?

Edge support is a vital part of a mattress. It prevents sagging, provides a comfortable night’s sleep, and protects from falls. If you have a saggy bed or one that’s poorly supported by the edge, at the very least, it will be uncomfortable when you lie on it.

More severe cases can lead to falls and injuries to yourself or your family members in the form of broken bones from falls. Reading this article, you can learn why edge support mattresses are so important for any type sleepers.

Why Edge Support Is Important

Edge support is important because a mattress that isn’t well supported by its edges will sag over time. If you have a saggy bed, it will be uncomfortable and unsafe if you’re not careful.

Even if you don’t have any issues with the mattress being too heavy or too firm, the lack of edge support can make you feel like your sleeping surface is sinking into the bed or that there’s a void under your hips.

To make matters worse, sagging beds are more prone to tipping over from one person lying on top of them. Here’re other reasons to choose an edge support mattress for your bed.

Prevents Sagging

Edge support prevents sag and creates a more aligned sleeping surface, keeping your mattress from sagging and looking like it’s “hanging off the bed.” It also adds rigidity and provides a foundation for the mattress.

Provides Structure

Edge support acts as extra support for you to sleep on with or without a bed frame. This support system must be well-built because if it’s not sturdy, you might feel like your body is unstable and you’re going to fall out of bed at night. If you’re unable to find any edge support in the mattress, or if there are voids under your hips, try finding another brand that has good edge support available.

Protects From Falls

Edge support is important for keeping you safe at night. A mattress with good edge support will keep your body stable and supported, preventing you from rolling off the sides of the bed. If there are no sides to your bed, like with a platform bed, then it’s even more important that your mattress has sturdy edges. Using a box spring or slatted frame for extra support between the mattress and the frame will help in this case.

Increases Sleeping Surface

Edge support helps you sleep comfortably and safely. A mattress that’s well supported by the edges all around will allow you to roll and move around at night without worry. This helps if your partner likes to hog the entire bed or if young children like to crawl up on your bed to snuggle with you. Edge support adds comfort and security as well as a larger sleeping area.

Allows For Sitting On The Edge

A mattress that’s properly supported by its edge allows you to sit on the edge of your bed without feeling like you’re going to slip off. Edge support also helps keep the mattress from sagging and getting pushed down by your weight.

It’s important to note that sitting on the edge of your mattress is not meant for continuous sitting but only for short periods. Long periods sitting on the edge can cause pressure and discomfort.

How To Find The Best Edge Support In A Mattress

The most important thing to look for when searching for the best edge support in a mattress is how it makes you feel when you lie on it. Think about how the bed sinks under your weight, the comfort level, and the types of springs used. More importantly, think about whether or not you’re going to be able to comfortably cuddle with your partner at night without feeling like you’re hanging off the sides of the bed.

Also, look at how well your mattress is supported by its sides. If there aren’t even sides on your mattress, like with a platform bed or futon, make sure there’s sturdy edge support available if possible.

The Bottom Line

Edge support is a vital part of a quality mattress. If you have a sagging or poorly supported bed, it’s going to be uncomfortable and unsafe to sleep on. Regardless of your sleeping style or your preference for other mattress benefits, if your edges are not well supported, it’s going to be hard to get a good night’s sleep, and you’re more likely to end up with back pain and injuries due to the unsupported surface.

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