Learn some tips that will help you mop your floor in a better way so that you can have a flawless, shining house.

Keeping the House Clean is a Difficult Job

During this time of the pandemic, the most basic chore of keeping the house clean has become an absolute necessity, not just to practice hygiene but also to keep corona away. Sweeping and vacuuming is something we all learned during this quarantine, but are we doing it right?

Whether your house is made of wooden floors or tiles, you need to know the right way of keeping it clean, and lucky for you we have got some tricks up our sleeves that will help you do this task very easily and correctly. You may have removed the dust and dirt by vacuuming but if you want to get rid of all the grim, you better get mopping.

You might have mopped your entire house and for some reason, it still looks dirty and there is this weird wet smell in the entire house. Well, then you are doing it wrong. Don’t just directly pick up your mop and go sweeping, you need to take the proper steps of doing it to make sure you have a perfectly clean house.

The First Step is to Buy the Right Kind of Mop

There are different types of floors that require the right mop to avoid damaging your floor and for proper cleaning. Many think that using more soap is better and you will have a cleaner floor. However the more soap you use the more sticky residue you leave behind.

The safest option would be a sponge mop with scrubber. They make squeezing dirty water out very easy and hence mopping very convenient. They are different from the usual string mops in many ways. So whether your floor is hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, stone tile, or linoleum a sponge mop will work on all.

Clear Away the Cleaning Area

Our house helps make cleaning look like an easy job, but when the duty falls upon oneself, it can turn out to be a nightmare. Most of the time we get lazy and do the job halfway which is worse than not doing it at all. So if you want to clean right you need to put in the work.

First and foremost, you need to remove any furniture like chairs, tables, decor pieces like rugs and pots away from the area you plan to clean. Trying to clean through the small spaces in between the furniture and decore pieces is just going to make your life hell and leave the house unclean.

Once you have moved the furniture, you need to vacuum the area to remove any debris before you start mopping. When you are done, make sure to put up a sign or let everyone else know that the area has been mopped and not to step on it while it is drying. This will make removing grim and debris easier.

Make it a Habit of Using Warm Water to Mop

To try and get the job done quickly, we often use cold water from the tap and avoid the hassle of boiling the water or turning the geyser on for some hot water.  It is a smart move to use some warm instead of cold water to mop the house.

Fill your bucket half-way with warm water and let your dry mop soak in it for a while before starting the cleaning process. Warm water helps kill bacteria that are unseen to the naked eye. Bacteria and other microorganisms cannot survive in high temperatures.

Another clever thing is to mix any antibacterial agent like Savlon or Dettol to your soap water. All of these ingredients coupled together will keep your house away from any germ or bacteria and reduce the possibility of you contracting any disease.

Do Not Mop Your Whole House At Once

You have put your blood and sweat to fabricate this beautiful masterpiece so why lag and neglect the cleaning process? It is time to do the same with the cleaning process. Do not attempt to mop your entire house at once. You will be using the same dirty water and your house won’t be clean.

Instead, mop your house in sections, changing the water you use and rinsing your mop after every section. This will ensure that your house is being cleaned properly, even though it is twice the work. You would rather have a sparkling house that smells fresh than one that reeks of dirty water.

Allow the Floor to Air Dry

Make sure to warn everyone in your house that the floor is wet and you have just cleaned otherwise if they end up walking on a clean wet floor all your efforts would go in vain. Let the floors air dry. If your house has a fan, you can simply turn it on to speed up the process.

After you are done cleaning, allow your mop to dry too. You do not want to clean your house with a wet mop as it will leave behind dirt residues and a very unpleasant smell. Clean your mop and bucket thoroughly before round two of cleaning.

Get Yourself a Sponge Mop and Get Cleaning Right Away

Now that you have learned the adequate steps of cleaning/mopping, you can get started right away. There is no doubt that this pandemic has gotten us up on our feet and made us appreciate cleaning and taught us the importance of hygiene. It is always good to practice healthy habits.

So why not start with your own house and set an example for your kids and help them to know and learn the importance of keeping clean from their role models. With a sponge mop by your side, the job will become 10 times easier.

Let’s get Mopping!

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