Every major household is likely to face water-related issues at some point. When this happens, most homeowners may only manage to link the issue to a plumbing or drainage system problem, but don’t know how to deal with it. Therefore, before you call your favourite drainage specialist London, you need to ask yourself this question, “Do I need a plumber or drainage specialist?”

We help answer this question below.

Who Can Deal with your Sewer Pipes?

Any issue related to your home’s sewer pipes can be frustrating, not only for you but your neighbours, if not dealt with on time. So, whenever you realize that you’re dealing with a sewer pipe issue, it’s best to get a drainage expert to help you fix it.

Remember, this is a weighty issue that can cause serious health issues, if not addressed on time. Therefore, take immediate action by calling a drainage engineer, and not a plumber. Because plumbers are not well equipped to handle sewer pipes as professionally as drainage experts would.

Who Should Deal with Waste Water?

If you’re dealing with wastewater that is flowing out of your home, it’s best to engage a drainage specialist London. However, you must have noticed a few red flags about this issue within your home, such as the backup bringing up wastewater into your home. A drainage expert will help identify the root cause and fix it for you.

However, if you are experiencing issues with internal pipes within your home, or a dripping tap, you might want to call a plumber in islington. The same case applies to water problems that have to do with a blocked bathtub drain and similar issues.

Who Can Help with Foul Waste Removal?

If you’re using a septic tank within your property you will need an expert to help you drain the waste at some point. Since plumbers are not well trained in waste removal or anything that has to do with any kind of human waste or animal waste9for those dealing with agricultural business), you will need a professional drainage specialist within your area. They are well equipped to properly handle such kinds of waste.

Who Provides Drainage Maintenance and Monitoring?

If you can prevent a water-related problem before it occurs, you can be sure to save some cash. So, if you recently purchased a property or want to upgrade the efficiency of your home, by ensuring the condition of your drainage is good, you will need to hire an expert drainage engineer.

Remember, using innovative technology is the best way to live a worry-free life. Your drainage engineer will use it to conduct necessary CCTV drainage inspections to help identify any existing or upcoming problem for prompt solution.

The CCTV is normally inserted into your drains to help in the constant drainage checks. A plumber is not trained enough to help you with this, so a drainage specialist it is!

In Conclusion

When it comes to deciding whether you need a plumber or a drainage specialist, you should always follow this one rule thumb: if you need someone to solve a water problem that’s entering your property, such as a dripping tap, you need a plumber. But if the water is exiting your home/property, such as from a broken drain or blocked sink, you need a drainage specialist.

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