Using stones and shells, Wales-based artist Jon Foreman positions these natural objects into perfectly arranged land art. His most recent pieces include a mesmerizing gradient circle, concentric swirl, and seaside surge that show an evolution from his earlier land art.

Compared with his previous work, Foreman’s latest works have more density and precision. Jon sees his work as a collaboration with nature because he mostly uses objects like rocks, shells, and driftwood. However, among all these natural objects, store is his favorite. “There are so many ways of working with stone,” he said. “The color, the size, the shape, the angle it is placed, the direction it faces — endless possibilities.”

Whenever Jon heads to the beach, he goes without an end goal in mind. The finished product always depends on what he finds when he gets there. This artist clearly thrives on spontaneity!

Each piece takes about four hours to put together, and because of weather, changing tides, and interference from beachgoers, none of them last. But that seem to be another reason why Jon loves creating them.

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