During the winter months, and well into spring for that matter, the sun can seem like it is barely out at all. These days can seem shorter and darker, as the sun sets earlier than in the summer.

During this time, we might experience the phenomenon known as “winter depression”, otherwise called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Though the cause is not fully known, it is often linked to reduced exposure to sunlight in winter.

Therefore, whilst widespread working from home is set to continue in 2021, we should look after our mental health during the dark wintery days. To make sure your house is bright enough for you to effectively work in it through those days, you should heed the following lighting ideas.

Overhead lighting

The best way to immediately brighten up every corner of a room is through the use of ceiling lights. This is what many people might call the “big light”, and has the power to lighten up even the darkest of rooms.

Overhead lighting can come in a variety of designs and can be fitted with warm or bright lightbulbs to suit every aesthetic and budget. To browse overhead lighting options for your home, click here for Pagazzi’s wide selection of ceiling lights.

Decorative lights

Lighting options don’t always have to be big and powerful. Instead, they can be used for decoration. Once you have taken down the Christmas tree, you don’t need to put those string lights back up in the loft. Instead, string them up around the room for a soft and welcoming atmosphere.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps can be placed throughout the room, in locations you might want highlighting. They can also be used in areas where perhaps the overhead lighting doesn’t quite reach, giving you consistent lighting throughout the room.

Table lamps

Using tabletop lamps is perfect for working through those dark winter days, as these lights can be used for more targeted illumination. For example, it might be that you struggle to see your keyboard when the sun starts to set, or you have some papers that need to be cast in a little more light.

If this is the case, find a table lamp you would be able to angle towards the areas and workstations of your office that are more problematic in this way.

Candle or firelight

Once it starts to get later in the day, artificial light doesn’t always agree with our eyes, especially if we are using a laptop or a PC all day. Instead, you can use candles or light a fire in your fireplace – safety permitting, of course.

Scented candles can also relax us and ease the stress of a working day, providing you with the perfect way to begin winding down ready for your trip to the living room sofa.

So, there you have it. In winter, don’t succumb to the dark and gloom of the world outside. Take inspiration from these simple but effective lighting ideas to brighten up your working day.

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