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Alien Torchere: Ultra Modern Floor Lamp

Called the Alien Torchere, this UFO looking floor lamp is a playful design created b Dmitry Grigoriev and Alexey Zudin. Its exaggerated legs and fluid shape are reminiscent of ones you might see in...


Rolo: Peel Your Lamp Like Peel Banana

Brightness adjustment is a common function offered in these day’s lamp designs. While Rolo offers another way of light control, control the direction of light source. The secret of this design is its lampshade...


Octopussy: Surprisingly Funny but Gorgeous Floor Lamp

The Octopussy Floor Lamp has a giant eye-shaped light and tentacle-like legs, which was created by Russian designer Vladimir Tomilov back in 2011. It’s absolutely flexible lamp with elegant bubble, which has colored lens...