Lighting is one of the most important design elements in your home, however, for so many of us, lighting is an afterthought in our interiors. When it’s done right, it is actually an important layer that can add more life into your rooms. There are many factors need to be taken into consideration when choose a proper lighting, money and power saving is definitely one of them. We all know, incandescent bulbs are very wasteful. This is why there has been a big push to change over to other more efficient and environmentally friendly forms of lighting – and LED lighting is getting more and more popular. It is far more efficient and lasts for much longer than incandescent bulbs. And with the progress of LED technology, the LED lighting price becomes lower which means it is much affordable. Here, we rounded up some stylish yet functional LED lamps that adds style and function to any room. In this post, we review 5 different lamps from Brightech. Brightech is a lighting company that sells floor lampstable lampsstring lights, and magnifier lamps. Check out these stunning lamps below!

Circle Table & Desk Lamp [buy here]
The Brightech Circle Table & Desk Lamp has a unique sci fit inspired design that adds extra style and character to any space. The lamp is compact standing at only 15 inches tall yet it will enlighten even the darkest most dungeon-like spaces with its bright light. Besides its fancy looking, this lamp also has a USB port so you can easily easily charge electronic devices even when the lamp is turned off. Moreover, the 12 Watt power-saving integrated LED light makes sure it is long lasting & energy saving.
Modern LED Light Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Room and Save Energy

Madison Side-table Lamp [buy here]
This lamp is perfect for every living room. It cleverly combined light fixure, side table and storage together and you never need to worry about accdiently knock off the lamp off the side table. Also, the fixture arm can also be swiveled to bring the light closer to wherever you need it so that you can achieve the perfect lighting.
Modern LED Light Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Room and Save Energy

LightView Rolling Base [buy here]
If you need a stylish working lamp, the Lightview Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor lamp is there for you. The 3 diopter lens will magnify whatever you are working on up to 175%, bringing renewed clarity to reading, sewing, knitting, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, crocheting, cross stitch, and repair of small electronics. Using the LED lighting, which means it won’t get hot so you can enjoy your hobbies comfortably. What a perfect handsfree, portable magnifier light, no matter for work or play.
Modern LED Light Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Room and Save Energy

Maxwell Drawer Floor Lamp [buy here]
This tall freestanding lamp lends a soft ambient glow to contemporary spaces while also providing 3 tiered display shelving and drawers for added convenience. Another great multi-funcitonal lamp design. Use the display shelves to show off your favorite collectibles, flower vases, or travel items. And love the small draws! Now you can hides some samll items ther with easy access!
Modern LED Light Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Room and Save Energy

Eclipse Floor Lamp [buy here]
Like a pair of shining halos, the twin rings of the Eclipse LED floor lamp provide bright lighting for any room or office space. Its slender design makes this futuristic lamp the perfect choice for small spaces that need a dimmable bright light. he two rings ( outer ring is 18 inches and the inner ring is 14 inches) are adjustable so that you can aim light in any direction. Such a beautifully designed lamp that can easily amaze and impress all of your guests.
Modern LED Light Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Room and Save Energy

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