Designed by Mizzi Studio, Family Kitchen is a kids’ fantastical restaurant. It combines the aesthetics of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a “botanical science laboratory.” Located in the families area of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, southwest London, the restaurant features whimsical designs such as an apple-shaped seat, giant timber-weaved fungi sculptures and a magenta-coloured Ethiopian Enset tree.

The fantastical restaurant has a colour palette of bright pinks, mushroom brown and leafy greens, deliberately chosen to evoke the plants and foods found in nature.

It looks more like a magical world of gardens forests and woodlands, where human beings appear to have been shrunk to the size of small creatures living with nature.

As an extension of the Gardens, the restaurant houses interactive and educational installations which promote the research and work of the Royal Botanic Gardens. The timber frame provides a tactile connection with a natural material abundant in the surrounding gardens, allowing children to identify the connection in a simple and obvious way.

What a playful and educational place to dine in. Hope there is similar place in my city and my kid will definitely love that.

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