Although many people choose to wear mask these days, I am not the one of these. There are several reasons for that and mainly, I believe for most healthy people, you don’t need unless you are taking care of a person with COVID-19 (World Health Organization). Besides that, I hate those one-time-use mask and the most mask designs make it not convenient to take off. Not one time, I saw people held their mask in hand on the street. I don’t want to be one of them neither add more garbage (used masks) in the landfill, hence I never think buy one and wear one.

But the Mask Snood from Felissimo’s retailer seems a pretty good option. Although its original purpose is to protect you against hay fever, sun, and prevent dry skin. But in this special time, many people seems to use it cover their nose and mouth as the replacement of mask. When not covering your mouth and nose, the Mask Snood can simply be worn as a scarf or neck warmer. A little bit tough for summer I guess. But it is made of silk and designed to be somewhat loose and billowy. So I guess it is not that unbearable. For me, it is just perfect. It is reusable, and you can wear it when you don’t need it. And last, it looks way better than the sickness mask aesthetic.

I am not sure how you can buy it outside of Japan and get shipped to your country. If you are interested, you can check its official site.

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