In the realm of portraiture, Florian Nicolle doesn’t just depict faces; he delves into the essence of his subjects. Through his mixed media artistry, Nicolle zooms in on select facial features while allowing others to fade into the background, crafting enigmatic and dynamic illustrations that plumb the depths of the human soul.

Nicolle’s unconventional approach marries colored inks, pencils, and digital enhancements, breathing new life into traditional portraiture.

I try to convey the mood of the person by drawing as few elements as possible. My lifelong quest is also to find the perfect balance between spontaneity and realism. That is to say that I want the illustration to grade as much as possible the freshness of the first brushstroke while having some important areas of the very realistic illustration.

This equilibrium sets Nicolle’s work apart, infusing his illustrations with a painterly quality. Despite their contemporary nature, his touch of realism anchors each portrait, forging a deep connection between viewer and artwork. Scroll below to explore some of our recent favorites and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Nicolle’s artistry.

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