We all know COVID-19 changes our life quite a lot. From our social lives to our working conditions, everyone can name some easily and quickly. Although we had to adjust ourselves to live in such “new normal”, it is not easy.

When I started to forget how our normal life look like, Silicon Valley-based Irina Blok has created a series of “before and after COVID” illustrated comics that reveal how things have changed since COVID-19, which brings all my memory back.

Each illustration is comically relatable, and allows us to take comfort in the fact that many of us are going through the same things in life at the moment. And honestly, I found some of the changes aren’t that bad, such as avoiding commuting and working from home. However, I still want to get my old normal back even it means I need to get up early and stuck inside the traffic. I just found my life quality degrade so much.

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