Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Vorja Sánchez created a ghostly dream-world that disrupts otherwise peaceful photos with long, wispy appendages. These unknown creatures haunt unsuspecting hikers and farm animals as they peek out from behind a hill or congregate in airborne groups.

All the starts from a day when Sánchez walked through a series of high-altitude mountains he observed the misty ghostly clouds. And somehow, he felt as he continued they appeared to be following him. “It formed a consistent cloud that seemed to chase me throughout the route. I took a picture of him and when I got to the studio I decided to finish shaping that “creature” that had been following me all day”.

By adding some special fine touch to the real photos (using a very fine brush and digital draws the creature using only one color.), Sánchez defined the creatures seem already existed in the nature.

“I really enjoy looking at the creature in front of me. There are cases in which it is very clear when its shape is perfectly defined and I just have to finish giving it life with a few lines. The magic is in nature, not in the drawings!”

Not sure why, these ghostly clouds actually look quite cute to me. What do you think?

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