If you’re a sports fan, then you know how thrilling it is to watch your favourite team battle it out with their rivals. It’s even more exciting if they’re able to win in the end. However, sometimes the viewing experience is ruined by outside factors. Here are tips to help you enjoy watching sports games even more.

Use A Projector

If you like watching sports games at home, then why not try using a projector? Today’s technology allows for this by projecting the screen on your wall. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an outdoor or indoor game, everything will look bigger and brighter thanks to the projected image.

Here is what to look out for when choosing a projector:


A higher resolution is better because it produces a clear image. The bigger your screen size, the higher resolution you should choose. Full HD can be ideal, but if you’re watching sports games, then the chances are that your focus will be on fast-paced action so 4K technology is recommended. This is because 4k resolution is so clear and detailed. Plus you can get one at a decent price. You can get a 4k projector under 2000 dollars that is of excellent quality. You’ll feel as though you’re right there at the stadium watching the game.

Projector Size

Your projector size should be based on the viewing distance and the image size that you prefer. To get a clear picture, your projector size should be at least twice as big as your projection distance. So if you’re watching movies from 10 feet away, make sure the minimum height of your projector is 20 inches.


This can affect how well an image or video performs in high-ambient light conditions—for example when it’s sunny outside. The brighter a projector is, the less likely it will perform poorly in such conditions.

Easy to Use Controls

When shopping for a projector, choose one with easy-to-use controls so adjusting the settings will be simple. This way you can adjust it from your seat without any technical difficulties. Some models of projectors even have smartphone control apps that make changing settings easier than ever before.

Get Surround Sound

Audio is almost as important as video when it comes to the viewing experience. This is why having a surround sound system in your entertainment room can help improve the quality of your sports games even more.

Here are some tips on how to get better audio:

Surround Sound Sources

Because you’re watching sports games, then choosing a speaker that’s capable of providing well-balanced and deep bass is highly recommended. It will also need to be able to handle the volume required during instant replays since silence won’t always be an option.

Additional Amplification

If you want to use speakers with built-in amplifiers such as powered satellite speakers or soundbars, then check if they have compatible inputs such as RCA, XLR, and TRS. For better audio quality, go for units with these inputs.

Surround Sound Formats

You will need a speaker that can support formats such as Dolby Digital Plus or TrueHD in order to get the most out of surround sound systems when watching sports games.

Choose The Right Seating Arrangement

While enjoying any type of sports game, you’ll want to have the best viewing position possible. The key to this is choosing the right seating arrangement. To do so, consider these points:

Seating Distance

The average adult’s arm’s length is around 2 feet. So for every 2 feet that your screen is away from you, multiply it by 1.5 and you should get an idea of how much wider the screen will look like when viewed at that distance. This applies even more if you’re using a projector since it can project images up to 10 times bigger than their actual size depending on where they are placed in relation to the wall or screen. So make sure your seating distance is at least half of your screen’s width.

Seating Height

In most cases, the center of the bottom part of a projector or TV will be around 5 feet from the floor. This space should provide a clear and comfortable viewing angle for everyone in your group. So take a tape measure and see if this range fits well with how you’ll be sitting while watching sports games. The closer you are to it, the more likely that you’ll have to look up or slouch forward in order to get a clear view of what’s on TV or projected onto the wall.

Watch With Friends

When watching sports games, it’s essential to have good company. That’s because you’ll be able to share in the excitement of every touchdown, buzzer-beater, and game-winning play. The best way to enjoy sports is by getting friends or family members together so that you can cheer on your favorite team while having a great time with them!

If you’re looking for ways to improve the viewing experience of sports games, then take these tips into account. Using a projector, getting surround sound, seating at the right angle, and watching with company will surely help you enjoy watching sports games even more than ever before!

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