The tattoos by Colombia-born artist Velco are different compared the others, which are patchwork compositions of dots. A densely inked patch might form a snoozing koala’s ear and claws, while a fading gradient composes its fur. According to Velco:

The window frames that I’ve been designing and tattooing have been exactly that, a portal to another reality. And it’s beautiful to know that there are now multiple portals wandering around the world providing us with glances to other universes.

After beginning his tattoo practice by working primarily with fine lines, Velco has shifted to the dotted style that now dominates his work. As Velco shared “To create the graininess that we see on the tattoos, I swing/whip the machine at a slightly fast pace, yet very delicately, on the skin while using a fine line needle and lowering the voltage of the machine, causing the needle to come out at a slower rate.”

Here are part of grainy texture style tattoos by Velco and you can follow him on Instagram for his latest work.

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