If you are tired of carving a goofy face into some poor pumpkin and happen to have somewhere to grow the pumpkins, we have a super cool thing for you – Frankenstein pumpkins shape plastic mold. With this mold, you don’t need to carve a face into a pumpkin. You simply grow them into a monster’s head.

To grow a Frankenstein pumpkin head of your own, just start growing a little pumpkin in an extra spooky pumpkin patch until it reaches a nice softball size. Then simply attach this transparent fruit shaping mold around it, wait for it to quickly grow and conform to the monstrous shape of mold, and, Voila! THAT IS IT! You will now have a pumpkin pops out in the shape of Frankenstein’s Monster.

If you want to grow your own monster, you can check slingfisher.com where has the detailed instruction and video of how to use the mold as well.

Believe me or not, there are more kinds of such shaping mold. For example square or heart shaping mold for watermelon or pumpkins; buddha-shaped mold for apple or pear; and there are even start shape cucumber mold.

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