If you like the idea of adding value, comfort, and functionality to your living space, home add-ons are a wise choice. Whether they are located outside or indoors, they can enhance the interior space by helping cut down on clutter, turn the bath area into a mini-spa, or offer safe conveyance between floors. Each of the items listed below serves a special purpose, and each caters to the needs of homeowners who take pride in interior design and function. It’s worth noting that the most popular additions and projects can boost the overall value of your property and make it easier to sell should you ever decide to put it on the market. Lifts, greenhouses, storage sheds, and portable hot tubs are among this year’s most beloved enhancement projects. Here are the pertinent details.

Storage Sheds

To free up space inside the house and minimize clutter in attics, basements, garages, and spare bedrooms, storage sheds meet the need. They’re perfect for storing things like gardening implements, seasonal decorations, lawnmowers, and more. By decluttering the interior of the structure, sheds help create a roomier and more organized living environment. Plus, sheds offer excellent protection from the weather for any of your belongings, including motorcycles, sports equipment, extra furniture, and tools. Sheds come in DIY and professionally installed versions at every price point. Not only do the units boost curb appeal, but the extra storage capacity adds value.

Home Lifts

Owners who install designer domestic lifts gain plenty. Not only do they have instant access to a safe way to get around the space, but they also benefit from the convenience and attractiveness that only private lifts can offer. This is particularly true for those who have mobility issues and reside in multi-level structures. Lifts are a perfectly safe alternative to stairs, and they give residents the ability to get around with ease. Installing a lift adds to the property value, attracts more buyers when the house goes onto the market, and enhances the look of any room. Today’s offerings come in a vast array of sizes and styles, as well as prices to suit any budget.


If you want to grow gorgeous plants that can be cycled through the house for maximum decorative potential, consider purchasing a DIY or installed greenhouse. The structures are a fun way to bring the excitement of gardening close to home. For enthusiasts who prefer to tend to their plants all year long, enclosed greenhouses are an appropriate choice. They’re temperature controlled, which means owners can grow herbs, veggies, decorative plants, and small trees without worrying about seasonal frosts.

Portable Hot Tubs

Do you like the idea of taking a hot tub with you when you move? How about having one that is portable enough that it can be placed anywhere you have enough space? Modern hot tubs offer all the benefits of relaxation and therapy but come in a range of prices, sizes, and configurations. Some owners use them as a social gathering place in the garden, while others prefer to put them in a spare bedroom or garage to create a mini-spa effect.

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