There is no fixed formula for creating a perfect logo design. What exactly is a logo? It is an image representation which conveys the entire agenda of the organization. Naturally it is a very important process in the marketing strategy of a company. Not only that, a logo is responsible for creating the image of the company. Only if the logo is good enough, masses get attracted to the product. Creating a good and attractive logo is very essential for the growth of an organization.

Why a good logo is required and what are the characteristics of a good logo design? Well there may be multiple answers to this question. Some of the most common features exhibited by the logos of the most successful companies today are:

Simplicity and effectiveness

Nothing beats this when it comes to logo design. Take for that matter Nike or Adidas logo. Very simple design is the common thread. Simple design is very easy to remember for an individual. Thus, it generates curiosity amongst the masses as they start associating the brand logo with an organization. This definitely increases the popularity and sales of the organization.


A logo design must have direct significance to the tagline of the organization. Irrelevant logos, however good they maybe do no generate any hype or curiosity. It is important to design a logo which is in accordance with the motto of the organization.

Color, font and text

This is an often neglected issue of logo design. Many people say that a good logo must always be devoid of color, size and text issues. Changes in these mustn’t affect the original logo design. However what these factors add to a logo design are critical. Imagine a logo without vivid colors. How would it look? No matter how good and effective it is, it is unattractive. This is where color, size and text issues are needed. They add that credibility to a logo design. Also, information can be conveyed even more intelligently if proper use of these factors is made in the process of logo design. Especially color constraints are vital in the process of logo design.

Proper coordination of colors and shades is decisive in the appeal of the logo design. Determining which colors to go for while designing a logo is fairly complex. Some of the tips offered on this are

See what the background of the organization is and what is the kind of product that the logo is designed for. Based on that color combination must be decided.

How Color Combination Makes a Perfect Impact in Logo Designing

The logo of Cadbury exemplifies this fact. Cadbury is known for its chocolates. The richness and creamy nature of the chocolate is conveyed directly by this superbly used color combination of purple and white.

Selecting the proper background and foreground colors

This is the next critical point for selecting the color mixture. Background color is the first and foremost thing to be thought of while choosing the right color mix. Many companies prefer to keep the background of a lighter tone, on which their main logo image will be clearly visible. Something like white is always chosen as the background image.

Foreground color depends on the logo to be designed. It must signify the type of product that the company wishes to endorse. Also the importance of tagline must be maintained as well.

How Color Combination Makes a Perfect Impact in Logo Designing

The AC Milan logo provides the importance of background and foreground colors. The background is white and it is laden with red color, the main colors of Milanese jersey. Simple background color and an effective reddish foreground color, make up for a wonderfully designed logo.

The color of text in a logo

Though not that significant, color of the text in a logo is vital to convey the proper message. Always highlight the text in a darker color. This makes the viewer take notice of the words. Words will carry certain importance, being closely associated with the organization. This sets the image of the company in the market as well as in the consumer’s mind.

How Color Combination Makes a Perfect Impact in Logo Designing

The Huntbrother homes logo perfectly fits the agenda of the company. Notice how the foreground color is lighter in shade and background is dark to make the things clearly visible. Also the text color is chosen s that it gets highlighted and is clearly visible to the reader. The focus goes on to the text, which obviously builds the image of the company.

While these are certain factors which must be kept in mind for a proper and attractive color combination of the logo, some things must be avoided as well.

  • Use of harsh and bright colors which turn off the attention of the person viewing it. Use of too much brightness spoils the logo design because it looks irritating and too intense on the eyes. Use of such bright and intense colors must be avoided.
  • Contrasting colors on the color wheel do not look good on a logo design. Hence simple colors which work well together must be selected always.
  • Colors such as yellow and light pink must be avoided in most situations. They are too intense and bright. It reduces the interest of the onlooker generating lesser interest. Also extreme colors like Black and white must be used as the background colors, unless the situation demands otherwise. Other color shades do not look good in the background.
  • Also, web browser compatibility must be checked as well. There only a selection of colors supported by most browsers today. The logo must be compatible within these color frames supported by the browsers. Else misrepresentation of the logo image occurs.

Color combination not only deals with the representation of colors in a logo design but also its efficient use. Proper use of colors can scale the popularity of a logo design as well as the image of the company multiple times. People always look for attractiveness when it comes to a logo design. Color combination when done in the right manner achieves that.

The bottom line is that there are several factors to consider when trying to create the perfect logo that embodies everything about you and your business. And remember to be effective, the logo must be used consistently whether it be for advertising, promotional products from Quality Logo Products, letterheads or website design.

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