Designing a hair salon needs to satisfy a whole variety of different standards, starting from technical to organizational details. Sometimes, the project of making a hair salon according to all of these factors can be a real challenge. Designing a proper hair salon should be properly done by considering the future marketing techniques and how they will be executed. Besides, furniture and space arrangement play a big role when it comes to the functionality and aesthetics of the place. So, we have prepared a short list of useful tips on how to design the perfect hair salon.

Interior Space Arrangement

Interior arrangement is fundamental when it comes to planning your hair salon and because of the very nature of the job, there are some standards and requirements to be met. These standards mainly refer to the plant installation systems- electric and hydraulic. The main goals of good hair salon planning are to guarantee wellness and comfort to the customers and to facilitate the services your salon provides. Speaking of the proper hair salon interior arrangement, you need to bear in mind that these are usually divided into three main areas:

  1. entrance
  2. work area
  3. services

The entrance area is the front part of the salon where customers are welcomed. In addition, reception is the place where customers normally pay for the services. Besides, since hair salons can be crowded, the entrance area can serve as a perfect place for waiting. The main part of the hair salon is normally the working area. It consists of a hair wash area and a hair-styling area. Last but not least, every hair salon needs to have a service department. This part consists of the salon storage and WC. These three parts of the salon are mandatory if you want to meet all requirements.

Work Area

Just as we have previously mentioned, this is the main part of the hair salon, and it should be organized to have at least two spots- a hair washing spot and a hair cutting spot. Some other parts you can take into consideration are the hair coloring area, an area for putting hair extensions, etc. But let us discuss the hair wash and cutting area first.

Cut and Styling Area

This spot is the core of the salon. The cut and styling area is the place where the hairstylist shows off his or her skills and makes major makeovers. In this area, there are many details you should pay attention to. The first item on the list is the electrical installation system. The reason for this is lighting. Typically, direct lighting needs to be avoided, so you should opt for diffused lighting instead, which does not create shadows.

Another thing you should consider is your hair cutting tools. According to the folks from, professional hair scissors need to ensure precise and effortless cuts. This is why you need to get yourself the tools that are of the best quality. In addition, you must make sure that this space has enough space for operations. Setting three or four styling chairs will provide you with enough space to move and work smoothly.

Hair Wash

This is one of the most critical points when speaking of hair salons. Normally, some hair types are practically impossible to treat if not wet. Hence, setting up at least two pieces of furniture is known as “backwashing.”  Also, when constructing a hair salon, it would be great to add a platform or a raised part so it makes hair washing more comfortable for your staff. Furnishing of this area should be completed with shelves for storing various products such as lotions, shampoos, towels, etc.

Hair Salon Furniture

Furniture plays the main role and represents the personality and identity of the owner-hairdresser. The main aim of salon furniture is to provide your customers with comfort and well-being. When organizing your hair salon, you should think of the furniture as having different purposes. So, furniture needs to be arranged according to the functional areas. To this end, waiting rooms should have waiting chairs, coffee tables, or waiting couches. Also, the work area needs to be well-composed and have mirrors, seats, and styling chairs that will provide clients with the greatest comfort.

Setting up a hair salon is a challenging task. Yet, when you see the final result, you will be able to see why it was worth all the struggle. The truth is that you will have to think about many different details to get the most professional equipment you can afford, but this is a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long term.

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