Ecuadorian artist Beto Val alchemizes vintage illustrations into bizarre compositions that blend all kinds of things together. Fruits, plants, fowl, aquatic life, land animals or life object are collaged together to make surreal hybrid creatures.

Using imagery available through the public domain, Val cuts and repositions fins, wings, and scaly talons into surreal creatures. Pineapple owl, leaf bird, strawberry fish, squish parrot? Using imagery available through the public domain and unlimited imagination, Val digitally manipulate these analog illustrations and create these characters from the whimsical to the absurd.

If you like these unqieu style work from Val, you can order them from Val’s shop. Moreover, Val has 60 imaginary animals framed in his book “The Great Book of the Imaginary Animal Kingdom“. This is not a book to read… but to dream! An ideal book to awaken the imagination and creativity of readers of all ages.

Of course, don’t forget to follow Val on Instagram so you won’t miss any strange hybrid creatures he dreams up.

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