As the illustrator of Jackson Galaxy’s book “Total Cat Mojo“, Sayako Itoh paints pictures about familiar animals, especially cats. While the cat drawings on the her Instagram are bit different from the “evil” cat in the book, they are actually really cute. Wearing all kinds of food on their heads – strawberry, acorn, tomato, lemon, mushroom, cherry and even a slice of watermelon. These cats look so happy that make me wonder do they actually do the same thing in real life? Are these food actually cat’s favorite food?

Besides the fact these food wearing cats look so adorable, I also have to say Sayako’s cat drawing is quite photo realistic. Of course, the food on their head is a bit off its normal size, but the cat itself has so many details. Dual color eye, typical cat expression and the fur. Totally no idea how Sayako draws them.

Below are some of our favorites cats and you can find more on Sayako Itoh’s Instagram.

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