Designing your home in a way so it has a vintage vibe typically involves you using materials, accessories, antiques, and items that were popular in the past to design your home. A vintage design is considered a high-quality design, and they’re usually not just good, but quality. Nowadays even though the majority of home designs are modern; you can incorporate a vintage design in your modern home design – and your home design will look even more elegant than it was before.

What A Vintage Home Design Is

A vintage design style typically involves you primarily designing your home with vintage materials and items, but it also involves you painting the wall of your home with the right color, to give your home that vintage look. So before painting, the first thing is to figure out which paint to use. A look through the blog about ‘chalk paint vs. milk paint which is better?‘ will guide you on which one to use and why one is better than the other. Also, you should use the kind of colors used in vintage home designs. Colors used in painting your home so it has a vintage vibe are pink, beige, grey, cream, pale blue, and pale lilac.

More so, a vintage design Is usually old-fashioned but yet elegant – when you want to design a modern home, with a vintage vibe, you use old furniture, antiques, or items to design the home to bring about that elegant vintage look.

Also, the use of natural items or materials is always needed to design a home in a vintage style. These materials are natural fabrics, old woods, and stones. Vintage designs are usually classic, they embody old fashion designs that existed about 40 to 60 years ago.

Finally, vintage designs are usually simple but beautiful, and this simplicity creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere. A vintage design isn’t primarily just an old-fashioned design. You can combine a modern and vintage design, the only difference between vintage and modern design is “period” in clear terms, the difference between the items or decors used in vintage and modern designs is the period when these items were made, and more so if they were made based on certain historical cultures.

How Do I Design My Modern Home With A Vintage Vibe?

When designing your modern home in a vintage style, you should stick to a theme. A theme can mean utilizing a design style that was popular for a certain time in the past, whether it was in the 80s, 90s, or 70s, it’s good you stick to a theme. Also, you can use some of your favorite items from the past to design your home – artworks that were popular for a specific period in the past, or a high-back leather sofa that was famous in the 40s.

You can even paint your walls with vintage-themed colors, white is popularly used when designing a home in vintage style. There are vast arrays of color you can use when designing your home in vintage style – pale blue, soft yellow, soft orange, and pink. Popular vintage colors are usually soft shades. Although you should still use items — fabrics, sofas, and paint, etc. — with bright colors when designing your home still.

In all, if you truly want to make your modern home have a vintage vibe, here are some of the basic things you should do;

1. Transform Your Furniture

You can transform your wooden furniture or frames in a way that gives your home a vintage vibe. You can use certain vintage-looking colors to paint them, colours you can use in painting them include pale pink, dove grey, cream, or pale lilac. Don’t forget to add a vintage-looking lamp to the tabletop.

2. Use Old Leather

You can buy cheap armchairs wrapped with old leather, maybe two, and place them in a cozy corner of your sitting room. Old leather chairs surely give your home that vintage vibe. You should also place nice cushions on them too, to bring out the beauty in the armchairs – the cushions can be wrapped with a floral fabric. Although all the chairs in your sitting room don’t have to be leathery. You should also place a modern-looking upholstered sofa in your sitting room.

3. Paint Your Walls And Ceiling White

Painting the walls of your home white is truly a vintage vibe, you can also paint your ceiling white. A few tins of white emulsion and eggshell paint can do this.

4. Display Your Vintage Items

If you love collecting or buying vintage items, then they shouldn’t be hidden in a closed cupboard, they should be displayed in different places in your home. These items can include antiques, old quality lamps, candlesticks, bowls, etc. You can place them with accessories on your table – plants, picture frames, lamps, etc.

5. Use Floral Fabrics

You can use white fabrics with floral designs to wrap your old chairs and cushions. When floral fabrics are used to wrap some of your chairs and cushions, it makes your home look oh so vintage.

You should know your home can have a modern design and yet still have a vintage design, your home should have a mix of both — vintage and modern design — when designing it.

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