We’ve all heard of spring cleaning when we clear our home of the clutter and trash left behind after a long winter spent mostly indoors, but what about summer preparation? When it comes to preparing for summer, most people would probably prioritize booking their summer vacation and updating their wardrobe, but for homeowners, there are some more important issues to consider.

This guide outlines the key steps to take to prepare your home and yard for the warm summer ahead. Following these steps should help to not only save you time and money but also give you a more relaxed summer.

Get your air-conditioning serviced

When the full heat of the summer hits, you need your air conditioning in full working order. If you wait until the middle of summer to call an HVAC company, you will struggle to get an appointment, so take care of it now before you need it. You should change the filters and turn it on to check it is working. If it isn’t, you should call a professional to take a look at it.

Ideally, HVAC systems should be serviced every year even if you are not having problems as they will be able to keep the system working as effectively and efficiently as possible. If you are concerned about the cost of hiring a professional for a repair, it’s worth noting that taking out a home warranty covering repairs will enable you to pay a monthly fee, which covers you for repairs needed in the future.

Clean and check your windows (and screens)

Clean your windows including removing storm windows and cleaning window screens. You should repair damage with a home DIY kit. You can also check the windows for any broken seals, rot or water damage that the winter weather has left behind. If there are gaps in the windows, you will struggle to keep the warm air out of your home and will be wasting money on air conditioning.

Take a look at exterior plumbing and gutters

Your outdoor irrigation and spigots may have been damaged during the winter. Remove any freeze caps and turn the faucets to ensure the water is running freely. If you think there is a problem, contact a professional engineer to have a look.

You should also take a look at your guttering and downspouts. If they are damaged water could leak into a crawl space or basement or lead to wood rot. You may want to hire a professional to look at the gutters, especially if the property has more than one level.

Prepare your summer tool kit

To keep your yard looking its best and under control, you will need the right equipment and tools. This might include a lawnmower, other gardening tools and power tools, which should be in good working order. Check electrical cables, wash away dirt from gardening tools, wipe them with a lubricant and sharpen any blades as needed. It’s also a good idea to tidy up the yard, in general, to clear away any debris or fallen leaves from the season before.

Go up to the attic

Check the attic for signs of nesting pests and animals which may have crept into the warm attic to take refuge from the cold weather. They are likely to damage the attic and their droppings can be a health hazard. If you find holes, seal them up and make sure there is nothing blocking the air vents or problems in the insulation.

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