When it comes to cleaning wet carpets, a regular vacuum won’t do a very appreciable job. The usual vacuum cleaners that we use at home are not designed for absorbing water.

Here it would help if you searched for some wet dry vacuum cleaner. A shop vac can be your ultimate savior and the best choice here. This one tool can serve multiple purposes and oceans out dirt and liquids from various surfaces.

“Do you know how to use a shop vac on wet carpet?”

If you’re expecting it will be as similar as cleaning some dry surface, then you’re wrong. Before you start using the machine, you must know how they function and what are the ultimate tips.

Is Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

Wet carpets are pretty tough to clean in many ways. This takes up a lot of time for water sucking, cleaning and drying.

If you expect a quick and professional performance from regular home vacs, then you will be disappointed. Wet carpets require a special type of vacs to be cleaned.

The best professional solution is using a wet dry vacuum cleaner. The wet-dry vacs are ideal for versatile cleaning. This type of tool will clean out both the dry dust and wet spills.

A shop vacuum cleaner can perform well with both dry and wet

How to Use a Shop Vac on a Wet Carpet? Step By step:

From professional to home chores, a shop vac makes all these cleaning hassles turn into fun. Shop vacs are pretty high in quality. So, you’ll find better service life with quick performance.

Especially when you’re worried about your dirt and wet carpets, things might look messier. If you’ve got a good shop vac, you can relax a bit.

The shop vac is able to absorb all the moisture from the Carpet in no time. They are versatile with their working methods and features.

But shop vacs can’t clean your wet Carpet alone. It will need you to follow a complete cleansing procedure.

You need to know how one should use a shop vac on a wet carpet for the expected outcome. There are several ways of using a shop vac.

You must know the best and easiest way of using the tool. By doing this, you’ll have the best outcome in the least time possible.

Prepare your Carpet before using the shop vac:

The first and most vital part is preparing your wet Carpet before cleaning. The phase is quite simple, but you need to stay careful.

Start by moving all the furniture over your Carpet. You should also check if the room is dry enough or not.

If your room is way beyond drying and you can’t remove the furniture, it’s better to take your Carpet out in some open place. This will save your furniture from every possible damage.

Another additional step of the preparation will be using regular vacuum cleaners. If you’ve got some regular vac in your house, try cleaning the extra dust first. This step makes the further procedure quite smooth and handy.

Remove the Stains:

Now it’s time for stain treatment. First of all, check on your Carpet carefully. You should find out if there is any stain available or not. If you’re not finding any noticeable stain, that’s lucky of you.

But, when it comes to extra cleaning, you need to use some commercial stain remover. You’ll find various types of stain removers available in the market. Make sure you got the right kind of remover. Also, don’t forget to follow the instructions properly.

Please do some testing before using them in a large amount. Grab a little mount of stain remover and apply over some inconspicuous side of your Carpet.

If the solution harms your carpet color, don’t use it. And if you’re lucky and nothing harmful happens, go ahead with using the solution and remove all the stains from your beautiful Carpet.

Start cleaning:

Now you can start cleaning your wet Carpet. Firstly you should start with using some commercial carpet cleaner. In this step, you need to use a broom or bristle brush.

Grab some carpet cleanser and apply evenly over the Carpet. Now take your brush to scrub the Carpet carefully. You don’t have to go all over the surface. Just spread the solution in those places that got dirty. If the dirty section is not clean enough, you can go through over one multiple time.

Once you’re done with cleansing and scrubbing, rinse it with water.

Grab your shop vac:

Once you’ve completed all the mentioned tasks, start with using the shop vac. Firstly, you need to attach a flat extension with the shop vac.

You should press the shop vac firmly to remove all the existing cleansing and stain removing solutions. Don’t forget to use some clean water at the end.

Now, you have to use the shop vac again over the wet Carpet. This time, it will soak all the existing water off your wet Carpet. Continue using the vac over your Carpet until it’s properly dry and clean.


  • While purchasing your shop vac, make sure you are checking the dust collection bag. It should be big enough to collect the dirt.
  • It would help if you kept your shop vac dust collection tank clean. It’s better if you clean the tank once a week.
  • Choose your carpet stain remover and carpet cleaner wisely. Don’t go with some powerful and strong ingredients that can harm your Carpet.
  • Shop-vac includes different types of filters. You should choose the specific filters that can suck water completely for wet carpets. So give it a check before purchasing.
  • Once you’ve cleaned your wet Carpet, take good care of it. Else, this can go older quickly.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can I use shop vac over wet Carpet without a filter?

Answer: Yes, if you’re cleaning wet surfaces like Carpet, it’s okay to go without a filter. Rather than that, cleaning a dry surface without a filter will create a clog.

Question: how many days does it take to dry your Wet Carpet?

Answer: Well, drying wet Carpets with the right tools can take around 12 to 24 hours. If you’re using a fan and not lifting it up, this can take around four days.

Final words

Renting a shop vac every time you need to do cleansing will cost a lot of money. If you’ve got a good quality shop vac in-house, it can save both your time and energy. But a shop vac can be used for various tasks. So, you should know how to use a shop vac on a wet Carpet properly. Try to maintain all the tips and suggestions for better cleaning.

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