Knives are a common cutting tool, but there is more to them than meets the eye. There are many different types of knives for various purposes, and knowing how to handle them can make a big difference in your cooking results.

Knives are often used in cooking and other activities that require a sharp edge. The best knives have a cutting surface that will stay sharp for a long time with minimal upkeep.

In this article, we will discuss every detail on “How you can use knife for food processing?” So, stick to the ends.

According to the availability of knives in the market, they can be categorized into 3 main classes: chef’s knife, Paring knife, and carving knife.

How To Use A Chef Knife

A chef knife is a multifunctional and versatile kitchen item. It can be used to slice, chop and dice vegetables and fruits.

Hold the chef’s knife with your dominant hand at the base of the blade and use your other hand to hold the handle. Place your thumb on the side of the blade near the handle, with your fingers wrapped around it as well as you can. Grip tightly, but not so tight that you will lose control of it if necessary.

To start slicing vegetables or other ingredients, place them on a chopping board or cutting board with their ends towards you and begin sliding the knife downwards through them, keeping it as close to perpendicular to your hands as possible at all times.

How To Use A Paring Knife

A paring knife is one of the most versatile knives in your kitchen because it can be used for everything from peeling fruit to cutting vegetables.

To use a paring knife, you should hold it perpendicular to the food you are cutting and slice it away from your body. You should also use a rocking motion to cut instead of using a back and forth motion. You should try not to slice too deeply into the food with your paring knife because this can cause your blade to stick.

How To Use A Carving Knife

Carving knives are the perfect tools for the job. With a carving knife, you can easily cut through the meat without subjecting it to any stress or damage. You can also make sure that you slice your meat evenly with precision.

The first step of using the carving knife is to make sure you have a firm grip on it. It should be at an angle perpendicular to the cutting board, and not on its side. Next, use your free hand to hold on to the skin on one end of what you are cutting up, and use your other hand to control the blade as it moves across the meat in one fluid motion. Both hands must be firmly gripping their respective object so that there’s no risk of slippage during this process – this will help avoid any problems later when trying out different techniques from slicing with various knives or electric saws.

The Best Way To Store Knives

Knives are important tools in the kitchen, and you want to make sure that they are kept safe. It is important to take care of your knives. Otherwise, they may not last as long as you would like them to.

Safety while using a knife:

Knives can be dangerous when they are not used properly. It is important that you avoid all possible risks when using one. These include protecting your fingers if you are gripping the knife, avoiding potential blade contact with any part of your body, maintaining a good grip on the knife to avoid dropping it and making sure that your hand is not in the path of the blade.

Taking Care of Knifes

Knives are often used as part of the cutting process. Knives will usually need to be sharpened and cleaned after use.


Knives should be sharpened regularly to maintain an edge and prevent rusting and dulling. Most knives can be sharpened on a steel or electric knife sharpener. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your set of knives.


It is important to clean knives after every use, as the residue from food can cause corrosion and affect how well it holds its edge. To clean a knife, first, dry it thoroughly with a dish towel or paper towel, then wipe it with cooking oil or butter before placing it in a drawer or on a magnetic strip at the back of the kitchen countertop.

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