More often the presentation goes something like this: the speaker comes out, mumbles something, the audience watches the presentation, almost falls asleep, the speaker tries to interact, in return gets sometimes sluggish questions/ answers and that is it.

Sometimes it is a matter of the presentation content itself, even if we want to make it as interesting and engaging as possible. It happens so that in the result we get rather “dry” content, dull and boring pictures. It is quite depressing, especially when you have been working on it for days and want to get something really great and unforgettable.

However, don’t get frustrated, there are some really useful tips to make an amazing presentation design and its content will be much better and make you feel more confident in your speech

Don’t read your slides

First of all, stop reading your slides! You must not just read this rule, but memorize and repeat it. If your audience is watching you just stand there and reread the text from your presentation, it may cause resentment, because they can read the text themselves. Slides in a presentation are not there for you to look at and retell, but to help the audience to get to the heart of your story. In addition, when reading the slides, you will start to get distracted or lose yourself altogether. And it will have a bad effect on the overall impression of you.

Be like a fish in water. Study your topic and presentation in detail. Immerse yourself in it. Show that you are not the last person on the subject and know what you are talking about. It is also a must-have to keep the audience interested with an exciting story and noteworthy facts. If you do it right, people will realize that you are a professional who is really worth listening to and learning from.

Design and content

About half of the importance of your presentation is the design and content, but for some reason this is often neglected. If you want to take your project to a fully new level, you must work hard on its visual part. It can be quite difficult, especially if you do not understand it. But stay! There is a great way out. For example, you may use creative PowerPoint templates, which simplifies the work quite a bit, and the design of the presentation will be at a high level. You also can benefit from the best book presentations. Feel free to use these templates with outstanding design and flexible components.

You should also never forget the content itself, because that is what your audience will be viewing and reading and what helps them get deeper into the topic of your project. Even if it is, for example, a fairly complex scientific topic, take the best science PPT template, where you may correctly and clearly structure the information using eye-catching infographics.

Tell stories

Another pretty cool idea for a creative presentation is to adapt the project to a specific audience. When it comes to a potential client or investor for you or your company, it is always possible to adjust the presentation and make the experience more personal for absolutely any audience. One of the most useful techniques is to give examples that are directly relevant to the readers and listeners. Use them to show how your solution will help them. The audience may not be at all interested in the ideas if you talk about it in some generalized way — from afar.

But as soon as people realize that something can affect or benefit them, they will immediately start listening carefully and remembering. Show your audience how the main project message directly affects them through examples and stories, and you will have an attentive audience at your disposal. You will already be halfway to a successful deal. Starting with a story is a great idea, but there is a much broader point: your presentation should be like a story.

Ask questions

A simple narration is good, of course, but only statements may sound expected and uninteresting. This, of course, is not always the case, but it is quite common. Even in its essence, a presentation is a number of statements connected to each other. So, a monotone project can sometimes bore the audience, and that is not a great idea. But what if you are asking a question?

If you ask a question, it will excite the audience because it will break the monotone rhythm of the project and help add extra power to what you are saying. Also, if the question is engaging and gets right to the heart of the audience. Moreover, some questions may well turn your presentation from a simple narrative into a fascinating and interesting search for some solutions or analysis of statements. In this way, you can draw the public into the process of finding answers. Believe us, it will refresh your speech and give it a rhythm that will keep you on top of the game.

Enjoy the moment

Primarily, you should relax and do what you really know and enjoy — awesomely present the message. You are not just making it or have been chosen to make it, are you? Make your listeners feel comfortable and do not forget about humor.

That does not mean you have to crack jokes all the time. You just have to keep it light, be a little bit cheerful and approachable. Enjoy the moment and make sure you do everything to the highest standard. If you really start having fun, the audience will respond to it and engage with you better. Your project will improve exponentially, and with them your confidence. It is also a pretty good idea to resort to the help of various pre-made products, such as the pitch deck PowerPoint template or timelines infographic presentations. It will be a great help in terms of developing the structure of the project and speech, which will also have a good effect on your presentation.


Simply stating the facts out loud is no unique presentation. If you want to impress, persuade and motivate the public to act, then you will need to create an impressive structure and add enthusiasm to the presentation — both verbally and visually. Also, be sure to pick up these creative ideas. You may use them to make your next project much better.

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